Marty Kiser Sculpture in Obduction Game Video November 2015

Backing a new video game by a favorite gaming company is rewarding.  Seeing one’s surreal ceramic sculpture in the game is cool.  Seeing it in a developer team video and hearing the 3D builder describe it as “one of the most interesting things” he had to work on and “crazy” (e.g. fun to build) — nowContinue reading “Marty Kiser Sculpture in Obduction Game Video November 2015”

Time Dragging Ass and Running Amok

This image was created in 2000 by Marty Kiser. Tribute to Salvador Dali. I began this painting after my wife gave me a book of Salvador Dali’s artwork for my birthday in November of ’99.  Dali’s work sparked in me a realization that a lot of what we think about keeps us trapped in theContinue reading “Time Dragging Ass and Running Amok”